Day 40 ~ Never Alone

And just like that…..the journey through this year’s season of Lent draws to a close, but not until we take a moment to consider this one last day, that sits in-between Good Friday and Easter.

Yesterday we heard Jesus speak, then cry out to his Father before he breathed his last words, “It is finished….” We heard from God loud and clear as well, as the temple curtain was split in two, the earth quaked and the sun went dark. Yesterday was a loud day, and tomorrow will be even louder as we sing our Hallelujahs and shout He is risen – He is risen, indeed!

But today – it’s quiet, as Jesus does the mysterious work in death that will give us resurrection hope in the morning. And something about it feels familiar….

We’ve all found ourselves waiting in the quiet, when God seems silent and all we have to place our hope in is the belief that He has not forgotten us. I know I have! Sometimes the silence is deafening and the wait is agonizing, and just as Jesus himself cried out, we want to scream, “My God….my God….why have you forsaken me….

Though we don’t know exactly what was happening with Jesus during this day where his body lay lifeless on a cold stone burial slab, we can assume it was anything but silent in the spirit realm as the fight for our salvation continued from the physical world into the next. And yet, whatever was happening on this in-between day was powerful and necessary to complete the eternal work that we will celebrate in the morning.

Tomorrow is Easter and we will offer thanks and praise for that finished work that means salvation for us all. But for the remaining hours on this quiet day between Good Friday and Resurrection, I want to hold space for all those (including myself) who are trusting in things we can’t see and holding onto hope in the mystery.

Though we may not hear him loudly, God is not silent….

Though our prayers sometimes feel like they are on repeat and our hearts grow weary with waiting, we are not forgotten…

Hold on….the dark won’t last forever. Joy comes in the morning!

What a precious honor it’s been to spend these 40 days with you….I can’t express the ways that it has ministered to me in a very different season in life, when I wasn’t sure I would even have any more to say. Every word read, every comment, every like and share have felt like a warm hug and I am stronger and closer to Jesus for it!

Resurrection blessings, friends!

Because of Jesus,


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