Day 3 ~ Just Breathe

(Originally posted 2/12/16 ~ updated 2/19/21)

Have you ever had a week that felt like a month?!

I’m not sure when we all started running so fast just to get through the day, but the pace is undeniable.  The pressure to “get it done”, whatever “it” is keeps us trying to work smarter and harder and more efficiently so that maybe we can get even more done today than we managed to get done yesterday, which only signals that we obviously can do more….it can be exhausting!

I realized today that, while there certainly are very real responsibilities and expectations that are part of any given day, I can all too often allow the “get it done” attitude to seep from the outside in and apply the same pressure and often unealistic expectations to my heart and mind.

“Today I’ll practice patience….I’ll be flexible….I’ll be grateful….I’ll extend grace….I’ll pray longer….I’ll listen harder….I’ll make that call….I’ll write that note….”

The honest truth is, I can be so focused on doing and being all the things I’m supposed to do and be, that before I can say, “I’ve got this” for the hundredth time, I wonder how and where I’ll get the time and energy to do or be anything at all!

Once in a while the best thing we can do – the only real thing we can do is to just stop.

And breathe.

I can “do” all sorts of proactive things to create a healthy, healing environment; I can read great books on self-care, I can sort out my feelings with trusted friends, I can get the right amount of exercise and cut down on caffeine, I can pray honest prayers, seek insight from scripture and pour out my heart to God – all good things to “do”.  But you know what I am realizing?  Healing – true healing and restoration come at their own pace and in their own time, and it looks nothing like a spiritual “to do” list.

And for me, that happens best when I am still – when I allow myself lots and lots of reflective time and moments where I don’t “do” anything at all other than what my body does instinctively on its own, what it was designed to do…..and just breathe.

Oh how I love it when Jesus walks into the overcrowded and overly demanding corners of my heart and speaks words of truth, telling me firmly and unequivocally that no matter what I think I should be doing and being, I am deeply and thoroughly loved….and I am enough.

And so are you. <3 

So, can we just stop for a moment?  Can we close our eyes and feel the breath entering and leaving our lungs?

Deep, cleansing, healing breaths will do us all so much good as we are filled with God’s peace and sacred rest.

I so needed this reminder at the end of this week that feels like a month. =)

Breathing with you……

Shellie  <3

Jonny Diaz

Alarm clock screaming bare feet hit the floor

It’s off to the races everybody out the door

I’m feeling like I’m falling behind, it’s a crazy life

Ninety miles an hour going fast as I can

Trying to push a little harder trying to get the upper hand

So much to do in so little time, it’s a crazy life

It’s ready, set, go it’s another wild day

When the stress is on the rise in my heart I feel you say just

Breathe, just breathe

Come and rest at my feet

And be, just be

Chaos calls but all you really need

Is to just breathe

Third cup of joe just to get me through the day

Want to make the most of time but I feel it slip away

I wonder if there’s something more to this crazy life

I’m busy, busy, busy, and it’s no surprise to see

That I only have time for me, me, me

There’s gotta be something more to this crazy life

I’m hanging on tight to another wild day

When it starts to fall apart in my heart I hear you say just

Breathe, just breathe

Come and rest at my feet

And be, just be

Chaos calls but all you really need

Is to take it in fill your lungs

The peace of God that overcomes

Just breathe

So let your weary spirit rest

Lay down what’s good and find what’s best

Just breathe

Just breathe, just breathe

Come and rest at my feet

And be, just be

Chaos calls but all you really need

Is to just breathe

Just breathe

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Welcome ~ I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a dreamer and a writer. But most of all I am a woman of faith - I have a deep longing to know and love....God.
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