Day 21 ~ Safe

Isaiah-41-10We’re officially half-way through the season of Lent….how can that even be? Day 1 seems forever ago… but then about as much as could possibly change in 20 days actually has, so it makes perfect sense that it leaves us a little disoriented. So maybe it’s a good time to check in and see how we’re doin’. =)

Remember when the check-engine light on a car used to really feel serious? Now there are gadgets you can use to see exactly what an indicator light is indicating….which sometimes is so minor it’s hardly worthy of a warning light, but can also mean true danger. So you shouldn’t just ignore it…

I’ve been surprisingly calm through the daily shifts and challenges that seem to keep rolling into our homes and through our communities like unstoppable bolders, knowing that God will absolutely take care of us and give us strength and wisdom to face each one. Which is why it surprised me when I woke up with an especially heavy heart this morning…. I felt a wave of grief for loved ones missing as we “circle the wagons” as a family, and then it hit me….it’s not just grief, it’s everything….runs on grocery stores, concern for those I love, “shelter in place” orders, “social distancing”, vacant businesses, grad school shifting to online, sanitizing and re-sanitizing what I just sanitized, delayed tax-filing (well, that one’s not so bad)  and suddenly the dam burst and my husband got a surprise when he cheerfully came in to bring me a morning cup of coffee! 

Even though I’ve been trying to see current events through eyes of faith, after a good cry, (and that much-needed coffee!), I took the rest of the morning to give myself permission to just be – and feel the things that all indicator lights were telling me needed attention. I took the time to acknowledge the enormity of everything that’s going on in the world and reminded God how much I hate change (He already knows...) and I also acknowledged the grief that still comes in waves, pandemic or no. Though I do passionately love and trust God to carry us through anything, this morning told me maybe I haven’t been as OK as I thought I was, and I confessed to not really feeling as safe as I did on Day 1 of Lent….

Safety is such a basic human need….one that God placed deep within us, and it keeps us running to Him when we’re in trouble. He knows exactly how we feel, what we need and how to protect us from all that threatens to undo us. 

God is here, friends. He isn’t far away, curiously observing events on this blue-green orb called Earth, but He’s in the middle of every part of our lives, leading, guiding, calling, defending, serving, healing and saving. And He’ll see us safely through these days. He cares about all of it – and He cares for you. <3 

Take a moment, turn up the volume, soak up the truth in this amazing song by Chris Cron….and be reminded that everywhere we go, we’re surrounded and defended by love.

Resting safely with you,




Neon Feather (feat. Chris Cron)

When I’m living with the lights out
When the shadows cover me
When I’m walking through the valley
I won’t fear my enemies
Cause everywhere I go You surround me
And every step, You go before
Even through the pain You remind me
That every victory is Yours

I know I’ll be safe
I know I’ll be safe with You
You are my strongest defender
Nothing can stand against You
I know I’ll be safe
I know I’ll be safe with You

If you call me on the water
I won’t hesitate at all
Cause even if I stumble
You will catch me when I fall
Cause everywhere I go You surround me
And every step, You go before
Even through the pain You remind me
That every victory is Yours

No weapon formed
No raging storm could overwhelm You
No politics
No government could overthrow You

(C) 2019 Crondor Music (ASCAP)/Brantley Pollock (BMI)

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