Day 14 ~ Undone

 This is the third year I’ve taken on the discipline of writing daily reflections through the forty days of Lent.  The first was in 2012 shortly after a major relocation and a returning to my place of birth – a full circle of sorts.  The second was 2015 and our lives had been turned upside down and inside out with the loss of our son.  And then there is this year, when I am seeking to find restoration and healing from so much that has changed in my beautifully peaceful and ordered life….I think it’s safe to say I write in times of transition!

I mentioned early on in this series that music had become so pivotal in my healing process, and had actually served as a gateway in my return to a trust relationship with God.  The songs I share each day aren’t just songs I happen to like or enjoy – that list would be ever so much longer than forty!  I am sharing songs that have touched me in very deep and meaningful ways, and I’m sometimes at a loss for words to communicate just what it is about a particular song that has caught my heart so.  That would be very true of this song….

I think I mentioned somewhere earlier that in the beginning days of grief, when I couldn’t find praise from within, I surrounded myself with the sounds of others in worship.  I remember the first time I heard “Here In Your Presence” – a song I’ve listened to a hundred times by now.

I was walking in the field behind our house listening to my favorite Pandora station and feeling so lost….nothing felt “right” or “normal” – I didn’t even know what those things were supposed to look like anymore.  I was feeling disconnected and lonely in ways I didn’t even understand, asking God to somehow find me out in that field.  I didn’t want to be lost…but I didn’t know how to be found, either.  Ever been there?  I think most of us have felt lost at some time or another.

Then came this song….all 8:14 of it!  It’s not a quick listen, it’s more of an…..experience.  What I found that day – through this simple song – is that I was never lost to the presence of God….I was just so hurt I couldn’t see it.  So God, in his great, great love for me gave me this song to help me begin to feel what I couldn’t yet see or believe.

God and I have come a long way since that day.  All of the shattered pieces of the life I used to know so well are slowly, but most assuredly being gathered up and mended so carefully and tenderly every day.  It’s not easy….so not easy….but I am definitely not alone.  Neither are you.  God’s presence is open and free for any and all who choose to enter.  You’ve already been found by the One who created you and waits patiently for time with you.  Just imagine!

I know this is personal, and no doubt many of you won’t really relate or connect to what I’m sharing, but I’m trying to remain faithful to God’s leading in these reflections, and this is what’s on my heart just now.  =)

I hope sometime soon you will have the time to settle in – find a quiet spot – close your eyes – and become “undone” in God’s presence.  <3

Here In Your Presence

New Life Worship

Found in Your hands, fullness of joy
Every fear suddenly wiped away
Here in Your presence

All of my gains now fade away
Every crown no longer on display
Here in Your presence

Heaven is trembling in awe of Your wonders
The kings and their kingdom
Are standing amazed

Here in Your presence
We are undone
Here in Your presence
Heaven and earth become one

Here in Your presence
All things are new
Here in Your presence
Everything bows before You

Wonderful, beautiful, glorious
Matchless in every way
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious
Matchless in every way…



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