Day 6 ~ Follow the Leader

Just after Christmas our family was blessed with a wonderfully bouncy, fluffy, joyful, very, very energetic…..puppy!  He’s a beautiful Australian Shepherd and he has definitely changed things around here.  =)

Our normally clean tile floors are now littered with sticks, balls, bones and stuffed bunnies (his personal favorite….I think we’re on to “bunny 6” now.)  We have a puppy pen in the den that he has successfully scaled twice now, so a larger one is on its way. He’s learning not to jump on people, not to dig in flower pots, how to bring back whatever we throw so we can throw it again… many new things in his little puppy world. He’s a lot of work!  But he’s also brought so, so much joy as well.  His name is Boaz, he’s officially a part of the family, and we’re smitten with him.

Of all the things our little guy is learning, though, the thing that fascinates me the most is watching him learn how to…..follow.  This breed is adept at not only herding but heeling, and my husband has definitely claimed the role of “alpha dog” in their relationship.  I love to watch them in the field behind our house as they walk side by side.  Occasionally Boaz will run to find a new stick or chase a duck, but one word from Alpha and he’s right back beside him.  Even when we’re in the house, Boaz needs to not only be BY him….but usually ON him – his feet, between his legs, whatever gets him closest to the one he loves…the one he trusts, listens to and follows.  He loves the girls in the house, too….but it’s not the same.  Boaz is a one-man dog!

The song I’d like to share with you on this 6th day of Lent is a short chorus, really, but don’t let the simplicity of the lyric fool you….it packs a punch when listened to with an open heart…..

I don’t remember when I first heard “Show Me Your Ways” by Hillsong, but I clearly remember when it became my morning anthem for several months straight.  It was shortly after our daughter’s car accident and her dad and I were taking turns being with her during months of intensive rehab.  She was in Texas.  We live in California.  There was a lot of flying involved!  Every other week I would board a plane to Texas and my husband would board a plane to return to California.  We staggered weeks so she would never be alone and we could be there to be involved with her recovery.  Though it was at times exhausting, we were just so very thankful she was still with us!

I remember driving to work one morning, physically tired, but mostly just soul-weary.  My momma’s heart was with her in Texas, but every other week I needed to return to work to hold my job (for which I remain so very grateful!) and that was when I remember this little song coming across the radio.  I immediately dissolved into a tearful puddle as I knew my greatest and best hope was to simply stay as close to God as I possibly could.  I was tired and I was trying so hard to hold everything together.  I didn’t know the way….but He did.  All I had to do was follow.

I realize it’s a bit of a stretch to compare our walk with God to my puppy and his alpha (even for me!) but as we begin to hit our stride on this Lenten journey, I think it’s a good idea to remember just who it is we are following.  Can we trust God….really trust him to lead us?  Can we agree to listen for his voice above all the distractions in our day?  I, for one, am staying as close to his feet as possible.  I have no idea where this journey will lead, or what it is I even expect from God.  I just know I want to follow because he’s been where we’re going, and he knows the way.

I’m glad we’re making the journey together!  <3


Show Me Your Ways

Darlene Zschech (Hillsong United)

Show me Your ways
That way I may walk with You
Show me Your ways
I put my hope in You

The cry of my heart
Is to love You more
To live with the touch
Of Your hand
Stronger each day
Show me Your ways

Show Me Your Ways

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  1. Joneen Eaton says:

    Loved this chorus so much Shellie.

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