Day 11 ~ Inspiration

It’s such a beautiful day!

After weeks of wintery grey skies and chilly nights it’s easy to forget how glorious a simple sunny, blue sky-filled day can be.  It’s that first day of spring-like weather that drives people in droves to Lowe’s and Home Depot to fill their carts with mulch, rakes, seed and annuals.  Warm….sunny….beautiful….inspiring!

It’s been eleven days since I began this Lenten blog.  This year, instead of deciding to deny myself some life-altering substance like coffee or chocolate, I felt led to dig a little deeper and journal these 40 days.  And since I know myself so well, I knew the best shot I had at actually fulfilling this committment, would be to share it with others.  =)  (A little accountability goes a long way…..)

So far it’s been:

  • Exciting (When I decided to write I didn’t dare believe people might read it!)
  • Rewarding (I love hearing your comments and thoughts!)
  • Challenging (I really do try to select topics thoughtfully and prayerfully.)
  • Time-consuming (2-3 hours per day, believe it or not…)
  • and……Inspiring

I say inspiring not necessarily in the way this beautiful weather inspires me today, but just as tangible, none the less.  Every morning, from the moment I open my eyes to greet the new day I begin asking God to give me something during the day that presents itself as worthy blog fodder.  Since I am committed to live out these days of Lent as authentically as I can – as a child of God….in all my inperfection….and longing….and hope….I find myself looking at everything – and I do mean everything as though God may be speaking to me.

“I really love the dinner table….hmmm…table, communion….I can write about that!”

“I wish this red light would change…..hmmm….traffic lights….signals….what are God’s signals to us?”

“I’d love to plant flowers, but I’m not sure winter is really over….hmmm….God creates seasons of life, too.  There’s something good there to write about!”


I could fill pages with similar thought blurbs.  It’s like my mind has been taken over by the need, the desire, really to find something meaningful to write, and as a result, I am seeking ~ Inspiration ~ everywhere I go, all through the day and night.  It’s lovely…and thrilling…and exhausting!  It takes far more time than I expected, and I care far more than I imagined how it all comes out.  It’s truly a discipline.  And it would be absolutely pointless were it not for God’s daily encouragement, presence and…..inspiration.

Here’s the thing:  I think the inspiration has always been there.  I just don’t think I’ve looked for it.  OK, sometimes there is something so in-your-face fantastic or beautiful or miraculous that you can’t help but stop and give thanks to God.  But these daily inspirations are far more nuanced that that.  I have to be quiet, and look closely to find them.  Then I try my best to communicate them here.  And after I hit “publish” I begin praying in earnest that another one will present itself for the next day!

What about you?  Where are you finding inspiration?  I challenge you to look a little deeper in the coming weeks.  Ask God to help you see and feel God’s Spirit in unexpected, unusual places.  Then share with someone (or here!) what you discovered.

Happy hunting!

(Here’s a little inspiration from Chris Tomlin.)

About Shellie Warren

Welcome ~ I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a dreamer and a writer. But most of all I am a woman of faith - I have a deep longing to know and love....God.
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5 Responses to Day 11 ~ Inspiration

  1. cjwright13 – I am a writer, a poet, a seeker of the truth. I am a wife, a mom, a sister, a friend. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog, but hope to use it to share and explore.
    Cynthia J. Wright says:

    Well, lots of things inspire me. That video you shared of Chris Tomlin was beautiful and inspirational. Thanks! And you inspire me too. Your words, your life, your example. In fact you have inspired me to start a blog, although I haven’t gotten beyond my first entry about five or six days ago. I also recently discovered my high school church youth leader’s wife and a mentor of mine is blogging on Word Press also, sharing some amazing poetry. And she inspires me. My thing for lent is this. I decided to give up my evening TV programs. That may not sound like much, but it is for me. I’m also committed to reading your blog daily, though I’m usually a day behind on yours. And the CCNC-N daily lenten devotional. And when I can fit it in I’m reading the Daily Reflections for Lent on the Alive Now Website. That I get to about every second or third day. So my point in giving up my TV programs is to get rid of some of the clutter in my life. To make room for the daily devotionals. To make room for more inspiration and for listening for that inspiration and actually doing something about it. It went well the first week after Ash Wednesday. This past week I did more stuff around the house that listening for inspiration. But I’m hopeful this coming week I’ll do more listening. This morning is my first opportunity as a new church elder to share a communion meditation. I’m looking forward to it. I found some things that are swimming in my head to share this morning. But I’ve got to get them down on paper and cement them in. So I’d better get to that. Blessings! And thank you again for your blog.

    • Shellie Warren – California – Welcome ~ I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a dreamer and a writer. But most of all I am a woman of faith - I have a deep longing to know and love....God.
      Shellie says:

      Yay for you! It’s such a priviledge to be growing along with you. Bless you!

  2. What can I say but that your inspiration is making me take a good look at items I had not thought of before during this lent season.Thanks my friend!!!

  3. revger
    Gerry says:

    Thanks, Shellie…I’ll work on coming out of my fog and seek some inspiration around me, even if I’m not blogging!

    • Shellie Warren – California – Welcome ~ I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a dreamer and a writer. But most of all I am a woman of faith - I have a deep longing to know and love....God.
      Shellie says:

      Then I’m in excellent company….bless you, friend!

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