Day 5 ~ 40

Today we watched cartoons in church.  =)

Well, a cartoon, actually.  Maybe you’ve seen it – it’s been circulating around the internet for a few years now, but it was new to me.  It’s called “40 – A Video of Jesus in the Wilderness.”  The short film depicts Jesus during the 40 days of fasting directly following his baptism and at the very beginning of his ministry and rise to rabbi/teacher status.

This short little film challenged me to think more deeply about just how long those 40 days of fasting were.  In the dessert.  Alone (well, if you don’t count the wild animals.)  No food.  No one to talk to.  Even if he would have had companions, there’s no way they could have related to what he was going through.  He was figuratively and quite literally…….alone.

40 sunrises.

40 sunsets.

Lots of praying.  Lots of struggling.  Lots of temptation.  Lots of hunger.  Lots of doubt.  Lots of lonliness.  Lots of……wilderness.

Whatever lessons that were learned out there in the desert did not come easily.  They came with struggle, and pain, and torment.  So I have to ask myself this:  why in the heck would I assume my lessons would always come easily?

This Lenten journey has come at a time in my life when I am yearning for a deeper understanding of God’s Word, God’s Love, God’s Plan….  Somehow I don’t think the answers are going to come quickly or easily.  I have a feeling they are going to come at a bit of a struggle.  There may be some hunger, some temptation, some lonliness….

Though Jesus didn’t have much company out there in desert-land, he wasn’t ever actually alone.  God was there.  Always.  And God is here.  Always.

I’m willing to trust God’s constant presence to keep me and to teach me through these days of wandering……………..

40 – A Video of Jesus in the Wilderness

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2 Responses to Day 5 ~ 40

  1. Patty Mayfield says:

    Your writing is incredible, Shellie.
    I have been waiting for my “marching orders” for 3 years. I have a strong sense that the Lord wants me to go beyond service to the church and reach out into the community. But what, where? I feel so inadequate.

    • Shellie says:

      Oh Patty….you’ve done it now. You’ve been open and vulnerable about your desire to follow the Lord. Inadequate? Hardly….you’re honest and brave. Praying you’ll emerge from your desert place with clarity about what God is leading you into. =)

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